Tips for The Bride – Part 7: The Romantic Photographs

wedding photograph romantic couple about to kiss

In this blog we will be looking at the Romantic Photography session, this normally occurs after the Ceremony and the Formal Photos are taken.

Some Brides will select to do the Formal and the Romantic Photo session a few days before (or after) the actual wedding. These photos are taken in studio with a set to match the theme of the wedding or could be outside with famous landmarks in the background.

This is particularly more popular with the wealthier Chinese Weddings; they would travel to London, Australia or New Zealand. The bride-to-be and her fiancé will wear between six to seven outfits during their pre-wedding shoot, taken in various locations and against multiple backdrops. The photos are then viewed as a slide show as part of the entertainment on the wedding day.

To recap we are discussing the 7 stages in wedding photography.

Before the Wedding. * Bride Preparations. * Groom Preparations. * The Ceremony. * The Formal photos. * The Romantic Photos. * The Reception.

Back to your Wedding;

You and your hubby are finally alone (with the photographer and videographer); you can whisper the I love you’s, hugs and kisses. Being spontaneous makes shoots a lot more natural and interesting.

Maybe you are caught up with emotions, thinking, ‘finally you are married, the stress factor is over, now we can party.’

The parents and the wedding guests are on their way to reception, now it is your time with hubby and you have so much to talk about, with all the excitement. But this is short lived, the photographer brings you back to reality, “Are you ready for the romantic photo session …?” Sorry, we photographers do have the tendency to interrupt …  

The romantic photo session is my favorite part of wedding photography. Knowing these photos are likely to be the ones that will get the most attention from the wedding couple. You will probably select the best one for the album cover, Facebook profile or enlarge it for a wall hanging. 

Wedding photo of couple on a boat
wedding photo of couple on beach

Pre-select your location for the romantic photo session. When considering an outdoor romantic photo shoot, discuss the best time of the day with your photographer. Beautiful sunsets are not guaranteed, nor are non windy days or clear sunshine. It is best to have a ‘plan B’, find an indoor location where you can be unrestricted and have plenty of natural light.

romantic wedding photograph of couple

The romantic photos could be spontaneous, but it helps if your photographer guides and directs you when needed.

For instance, after I took the photo above, I noticed the lovely shadows on the ground. *With a bit of directing and repositioning, the shadows formed a nice silhouette and leading lines to the embracing bride and groom.

With these results, we have two beautiful matching photographs for the wedding album.

Get creative and plan the romantic session well before the wedding, bring props like Champaign, with glasses, a blanket to sit on, golf clubs or any items that fits in with your personalities or interests. Your photographer doesn’t know you as well as you know yourself and your husband.

In this blog I am not going to make a long list of photos to be taken, each wedding couple is unique, instead I will share some of my romantic photos and hope to inspire you with some fresh ideas for your own Wedding. The point is; embrace the moment in this photo session. It is the first time you and your husband are on your own, show the world you are in love, even the most camera-shy men get out of their comfort zones in the romantic photo session, make the best of it. Work with your photographer, you won’t be sorry, the results will be worth it, and you will have photos to be proud of for a life time.

romanit wedding photo of couple by pond
romantic wedding photograph
Romantic wedding photograph of couple walking with old bike
romantic wedding photograph

Some of the photos shared here, were taken many years ago with the old, yesteryears digital technology, but they can still be edited and given new life. It is also interesting, seeing how things have changed over the years. Fashion sense, photo styles, techniques and people’s trends have changed so much over time. I find that couples are much more easy-going and are willing to explore, giving their photos that Wow factor. They will have fond memories of the fun they had at their wedding.

romantic photograph of couple just married
romantic wedding photograph

Get the best quality photos and video footage you can, with the fast pace of technology developments, who knows what you can do with them in the future,

romantic wedding photograph of couple just about to kiss
romantic wedding photograph of couple on a wooden walkway
romantic wedding photograph of couple sitting at an old table

In the next blog we will look at photos to be taken at your reception… can’t wait to share more of my experiences with you.

 Following that in future blogs, we will also look at photography of:
* The Engagement, *Post Wedding Photography, *The Fearless Bridal session, *Honeymoon Photography, *Bonjour photography, *Photographing The Small things, on your wedding day and many more.

I will also make a video series with #TipsForTheBride

romantic wedding photo of couple outside an old castle
romanitc wedding photograph of couple sitting on grass
romanitc wedding photograph in old house
Romantic wedding photograph of groom and new bride

Thank you for taking the time to read and follow this blog, please leave a comment or let me know what you would like me to discuss.

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