Tips for The Bride – Part 4: Groom Preparations

From the moment you get engage, you get serious about planning every aspect of your wedding. Yet brides often leave the most lasting memories of the wedding, the wedding photographs to a complete stranger.

My advice to you as a bride is, to take the time to plan your wedding photos and video before the wedding, after all you are the one who is going to look and appreciate the photos and the video the most. 

In Part 3 we have discussed the Bride prep. This week, we will continue to have an in-depth look at the stages of wedding photography, the intent is to provide you with insights of, what to expect and plan for, when you contemplate your wedding photographs.:

Before the Wedding. * Bride Preparations. * Groom Preparations. * The Ceremony. * The Formal photos. * The Romantic Photos. * The Reception.

Groom Preparations

I know this is #TipsForTheBride, and you may think,

“I am not so interested in what happens when the ‘boys’ are getting ready.”

But think about it… The boy’s prep is just as much part of your wedding as your own wedding prep. The guys have to get dressed in some formal clothes too.

Let me share a little secret with you, “Even if they say they don’t like all the fuss, they do, and grooms also get nervous.”

“YES… The Boys can also have fun”.

picture of wedding groom and friends

You may not be part of the boy’s fun when it happened, but you can enjoy their moments later with hubby. As part of husband and wife bonding, you can relive the day, watching the video and looking at the photos, it will prolong your wedding experience. More reason for you to invest in a good professional photographer.

Okay that is more than enough waffle, let’s get on with the photography.

Share this blog article with your fiancé, he might even surprise you with all the photos & ideas he can conjure up. (I will stick to, mostly headlines, that is how the men roll)

The list of photos to consider

(Each heading below could become a mini photoshoot)
Photo of Groom and his friends
  1. Groom in plain clothes.
  2. Groom and friends in plain clothes in leisure activities.
  3. Groom and friends in plain clothes making their own little jokes.
  4. Groom and friends smoking a cigar
  5. Spontaneous Portraits
  6. Close ups of Watch, cufflinks, Jewellery or other personal accessories
picture of wedding grooms watch
  1. Close-ups of rings (if the groom / best man is responsible for the safekeeping.)
  2. Suit or wedding clothes hanging up
  3. The typical Getting dressed shots
  4. Groom fixing the belt
  5. Groom getting assistance with the cufflinks, tie or jacket

#12 Special Socks

The guys often have special socks with appropriate messages or personalised socks

picture of wedding groom with page boy wearing special socks
  1. Groom putting on his shoes or doing up the shoelace.
  2. Groom and friends fully dressed in suite / wedding clothes
  3. Groom and friends with finishing touches e.g. Sunglasses, Walking sticks, and Top hat etc.
  4. Groom writing a Love Note
  5. Groom study his vows
  6. The Groom’s Thank-you gifts.
  7. Formal’s Groom dressed up Portrait
  8. Formal’s Groom dressed up Standing
  9. Formal’s Groom dressed up sitting on a chair
  10. The back shot of the guys
  11. Drinks with the guys.
  12. Whisky or Cognac close-ups with the glasses.

#25 Reflection

Groom reflecting, in the mirror or out a window

picture of wedding groom reflecting in mirror
  1. Groom looking at the rings in his hand.
  2. Groom and parents
  3. Dad and Groom
  4. Mom pinning the boutonniere on the groom.
  5. Mom pinning the boutonniere on dad with groom watching.

#31 Page Boy

Don’t forget the Page Boy photos

picture of wedding groom with page boy
  1. Don’t forget the Page Boy photos
  2. Groom with Page Boy, helping him to dress.
  3. The groom with other family members and close friends.

Allow sufficient time for your photographer to spend time with the guys. It is best to get a photographer that employ a 2nd shooter (Photographer). One can shoot with you at bride prep, while the 2nd Shooter can do the groom prep.

This list is by no means exhausted, you and your fiancé could brainstorm and conjure up many more for your list.

Discuss your photo list with your photographer and make your wedding fun, unique and memorable.

picture of wedding grooms shoes


Make a Timeline Chart for your wedding and send it to all your suppliers and wedding contributors well in advance. You will avoid confusion among the suppliers and have an organized wedding with everyone on the ‘same schedule.’

We will discuss the Timeline Chart for your wedding in more detail in a future blog, but in the meantime, you can look forward to, The Ceremony Photos in our next blog. 

Please feel free to contact me for more advice on your wedding photography.

Thank you for taking the time to follow this blog.

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