The Story of Your Wedding with a Touch of Elegance

Stories are the essence of our lives, and your wedding is the epic moment in your story.

As a young girl, you had the perfect picture in your mind, you shared it with your mom and played acting as the princess with friends. And now that it is almost your reality, you are beginning to wonder,

  • What if my reality is not like my story?
  • What if my wedding is not the perfect picture?
  • What if something goes wrong,
  • What if the memories are spoiled?
  • …What if? …What if?

Now you can sit back and enjoy the experience, with CRK Photography as your wedding photographer and/or videographer you can rest assured that your most memorable keepsakes are in capable hands. We take every wedding seriously and your wedding is no different.

We understand it is not about us, it is all about the moment, capturing your history on film. We have the years of experience and the best equipment to record any high-end wedding perfectly and make your story last forever.

Now you can stay as beautiful as you are, with the lasting memories that can be viewed and appreciated for generations

After the last champagne cork has been popped, the cake eaten and the honeymoon enjoyed, the most valuable and momentous keepsakes that remain from your special day are… Your Photos and The Video

Every Wedding is unique, that‘s why we adapt to capture the uniqueness and special moments of your wedding and to your personalities.

Some Of Our Wedding Photographs